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Type Service details
Repair Flat Rate Standard fee for all repair, set up and troubleshooting.
Diagnostic Fee If you only want to know the cause of a PC trouble or if you do not want to fix your PC after diagnostic this is the only fee
On Site Support The trip fee can vary depending on the distance from our base.
Service Notes
Email set up
Driver Upgrade
Driver Problem
Boot Problem
Computer does not start
Power problem
Over heating
Skype set up
Printer set up
Network set up
Laptop complete screen replacement
OS Recovery Installation From Recovery Partition
OS InstallationInstallation of Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS, Linux.
* Please note that if drivers installation is required it is a difference service.
Network client set up
Share folders set up
Virus and spyware cleaning
Installation of anti-virus tools
Installation of new software
Password recovery / reset
Internet set up
Wireless Internet set up
Router set up
Hard disk format
Uninstall software
P2P software set up
System Restore
Mother board replacement
Laptop screen backlight repair
Laptop screen backlight repair
Laptop screen inverter repair
Safe Erase of data Safe erase from hard disks, solid state disks, memory cards, usb drives.Warning: No information can be recovered after this process.
Hard disk destruction Physical destruction with a power drill. Also memory cards, mobile phones, usb drives, etc. Disposal not included
Windows update Update Windows with the last security patches.
Safety Pack Includes virus and spywhare check. Anti-virus, anti-spywhare and firewall installation. (Software included in the price)
Data backup / Data Copy
Replace motherboard capacitor
Replace Power supply capacitor
LAN cable installationDepends on distance, please contact us for more information.
Computer lessons 50min lessons, can be tailored to specific interests.
Website creation lesson 50min lessons, you can make your own website during the course.
Website creation assitance ~
IT consulting and advice We will help you define your IT needs and find the best solutions.
Late night support
1) Parts costs are not included unless otherwise noted. 2)Backup medium not included.
3) For On Site Support services, if a second visit is required such as to bring replacement parts or in case of a very long process such as a virus scan,
a second trip fee will be charged.
* If the replaced parts are faulty we will return the parts cost or replace again the faulty part.

Data Recovery

Recovery Type Notes
Recover deleted files
Recover data from formatted disks or
corrupted / deleted partitions
The cost varies depending on recovered data amount and the nature of the deletion.
Recover data from a computer that will not boot
(Only when the hard disk is in good condition)
The cost varies depending on recovered data amount.
Broken Hard Disk (Logic Board, bad sector)
Broken Hard Disk (Mechanical Trouble)
Controller trouble
 (SSD, memory cards and USB memory)
Cost per Chip
Data recovery from RAID disks When the OS does not boot.
Online upload of recovered data Ideal for carry in or delivery services, you can have the data as soon as our technician recovers it.
 Data is encrypted and password protected so that no one else can access it.
* Storage device (USB memory or Hard Drive) for recovered data may require additional fees.

Refurbishment Treatment

Type Standard Included
Laptop OS optimizaction
System registry  optimization
Start up optimization
Shut down optimization
Inspection of installed software
PC Cleaning
Apply Thermal Grease

Parts Upgrade and Exchange

Parts Notes*
Disassembly fee In case of laptops, if palmrest disassembly is necessary there is an additional disassembly fee.
RAM Upgrade
Processor replacement
Hard disk installation
Data cloning after hard disk installation
Fan replacement (desktop)
Fan replacement (laptop)
Fan and heatsink cleaning (desktop)
Fan and heatsink cleaning (laptop) +¥7,000 if palmrest or whole backpanel disassembly is necessary.
DVD / CD replacement
Change interface languageWindows 11, Windows 11, Mac OS, Linux
Change Partition SizeAvailable for Windows, Mac and Linux