Commercial AV Installation

Audio-Visual installations require specialists to make sure that all the systems are hooked-up in a way that allows you to deliver the best multimedia experience to your customers.

We feel at home with equalizers, amplifiers, videowalls, LED panels, PC media players, speakers, switches and servers.

Each of our team members has been handling AV equipment for years. We possess the knowledge and the insight that can take your multimedia installations to a whole new level of entertainment and integration.

Bilingual Project Management

Our bilingual staff can coordinate the project with local Japanese contractors, assess progress and challenges to make sure the project proceeds smoothly and each party completes tasks according to plan.

White label

We provide white label services and make sure to identify always with any company name you require. Make your company present in Japan without the hassle and expense of searching for experienced staff and setting up a branch.

Regular maintenance

As well as new installations we can also help with regular maintenance, repair and configuration changes.

Project Life Cycle

Please use the contact form on this page as a first point of contact. Describe the basic needs of your project. The phases bellow may differ depending on project complexity and requirements.

What to expect after sending the contact form:
  • We will reply quickly and we will analyze all the information.
  • Assesment on site visits and calls as required.
  • Cost estimate provided.
  • Ensure project smooth progress by keeping all involved parties up to date, including other contractors and staff.
  • Project execution.
  • Project verification.



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